• Easy Survey Creation

    You can create a survey in less than 5 minutes. Select from wide range of question types (multiple choice, text input, ranking etc) and over 5 survey themes. You can also customize the survey to match your organization theme using the edit CSS option.

  • Survey Distribution

    A unique link (URL) is associated with the surveys you create. Use this unique link to distribute the survey. You can also use our survey distribution management system. The distribution management system facilitates uploading email addresses from your contact list and delivering the surveys to the email addresses.

  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis is very simple with KiwiSurveys. Online reports aggregate the data and automatically generate charts providing important statistical information such as percentage distribution of selected options (i.e. option A selected by 80% of respondents) as well as numeric distribution (i.e. option A selected by 8 respondents). For off line analysis, Excel and PowerPoint exports are provided.

  • Pricing - All Features Any License

    We have devised an unique billing model. There are no feature based restrictions. Once you purchase a license, you can use the entire system unrestricted. The pricing model is consumption based, i.e. you must purchase each survey and the cost of this survey is dependent on the number of respondents you expect. For example, our most popular purchase is the $5/Month license. This license allows for 5,000 responses. Once the response limit is reached, the survey is closed automatically.