China, HongKong & Macau

Despite their many differences, Hong Kong and Macau have a common trait: dynamism. When one experiences the Portuguese influence, especially on a significant scale, Macau—dubbed the Vegas of the East—elicits a dramatic reaction of a dropping jaw. A beautiful potpourri of cultures, including Chinese, Japanese, and French, can be enjoyed in Hong Kong, which is also home to one of the world's fastest transportation networks and an iconic skyline. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Hong Kong offers enticing neighborhoods ornamented with islands and mountains that provide fantastic opportunities for hiking and kayaking. Colane Village in Macau offers visitors the chance to fall in love with the tranquil rural lifestyle and breathtaking shoreline.

Top Attractions in China, HongKong & Macau

Ancient wall hong kong night tour
Terracotta Warriors
Great Wall of China
Macau Casino

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