India's state of Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is one of the less travelled areas. However, this small state on the Bay of Bengal has all you need for a truly off-the-beaten-track Indian trip, just like Gujarat did. The state of Odisha, for example, boasts 485 kilometers of coastline, much of it still in immaculate shape. In fact, the area was once a significant maritime empire with trade lines that extended as far as the present-day Indonesian archipelago. Then there is the distinctive temple architecture, which can be found all around the state but is especially evident in Bhubaneswar, the friendly capital of the area. There are also many compelling reasons to visit here, like the tribal culture, archaeological legacy, and the variety of flora and fauna that Odisha is home to.If, like us, you have a passion for discovering some of India's less-traveled regions, Odisha's tribal culture, archaeological heritage, and diverse flora and fauna are additional compelling reasons to visit.

Top Attractions in Orissa

Chilika Lake
Konark Temple
Jagnath Temple

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