South Africa & Kenya

Compared to South Africa, Kenya is a more focused wildlife destination. National parks and other wildlife reserves occupy a much larger percentage of the country than do their fenced-in South African equivalents, and they tend to feel wilder and more untrammeled thanks to their asphalt roads and village-like rest camps. Therefore, Kenya would be a better choice for travelers looking for a safari-heavy wilderness tour. However, compared to places like Pilanesberg or the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the Kenyan safari circuit is far less suitable for travelers on a tight budget or do-it-yourself self-drivers. For families, first-time safari visitors, and other health-conscious travellers, South Africa presents a much lower danger of catching malaria, bilharzia, and other tropical diseases (indeed, South Africa also the only country in Africa to boast several malaria-free safari destinations). Compared to Kenya, South Africa is a far more family-friendly vacation spot. Both nations offer beautiful coastlines, but South Africa's beach resorts are typically better designed for families with young children, while Kenya's historic ports have an intriguing cultural component supplied by the Swahili people as well as some amazing ruins from the Middle Ages.

Top Attractions in South Africa & Kenya

Sun City
Boulder Beach
Cape of good hope
Cape Town City

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